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Loving God 1st in 2016 (resources to read the Bible)

All year long the Renew Family will be following the covenant promises of God found in the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we will see the God of Promise, how He has made exceedingly great promises and the phenomenal lengths He has gone to keep those promises. Will you follow along by daily seeking God first? Follow a plan for helpful guidance.

Now for the plans …

Global 6K for Water

About every minute a child under age five dies as a result of diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. Let’s change that. Join the Renew family & others in the neighborhood (& around the globe) as we run, walk or shuffle 6K for Water. Saturday, March 19th.

Christmas Eve gathering

Join the Renew Church family for a candlelit gathering for the whole family on Christmas Eve. We’ll met at 5 pm for an hour of singing, Scripture reading, reflection, and response. The birth of Christ is the central event of Advent, for Jesus is “God with Us.”

Lead Us Back to You

The past few weeks, we’ve sung this song in our local church gathering. It is a song of simple repentance. It undoes me. It brings us all back to the glory of the gospel, our desperate need for His grace. It is a song for us all. I like how our guys sing it best, probably because I love them and they don’t have fancy voices. *smile* But you can listen to it here, and sing along as the lyrics go like this…

Twice Owned: You Are Not Your Own, You Were Bought With a Price

10/4/15. Week 8 of Beautiful Messy Church. Grace promotes holiness and holiness enjoys grace. God’s grace helps us see we are twice owned: He made us in His image, and bought us back with the courageous sacrifice of His Son.

// 1st Corinthians 6:1-21 #BeautifulMessyChurch