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Loving God 1st in 2015 (resources to read the Bible)

All year long the Renew Family will be following the covenant promises of God found in the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we will see the God of Promise, how He has made exceedingly great promises and the phenomenal lengths He has gone to keep those promises. Will you follow along by daily seeking God first? Follow a plan for helpful guidance.

Now for the plans …

For the Saving of Many Lives (Redemption through Joseph)

2/15/15. Week 8 of God of Promise.

The story of Joseph is about love and transformation. He starts as the youngest, favorite son of Jacob (Israel), overly aware of his talent, yet lacking tact. His brothers hated him with jealousy, tried to leave him for dead, and eventually sold him off.

Genesis 37-50 tells the story of God keeping His promises to this mouthy kid as he painstakingly becomes a mature, wise man. (It takes two decades.) Joe has dreams, is forsaken by his brothers, forgotten in prison, and over the course of two decades raises up to a place of power and responsibility.

The key factor on Joseph’s life was “the LORD was with him” (Genesis 39:2 , 21 , 23: “… because the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.”)

Why was God with him?

Joseph’s life, endurance, pain and suffering, were intended “for the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20). Perhaps God designed those hardships, or maybe He simply ‘allowed’ them. Either way, our perspective must become like Joseph’s: life isn’t about me. God will use all of it “for the saving of many lives.”

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Genesis 37-50 #GODofPromise

The Persevering Love of God (His Promises to Isaac & Jacob)

2/18/15. Week 7 of God of Promise.

God’s persevering love for and relentless grace to His people is on display in the life of Jacob and his father Isaac, as it was with his father Abraham — and all the other regularly dysfunctional people in their messed-up families.

There is nothing IN Jacob that makes God choose him, nothing he has done or could do to earn God’s love. He’s a trophy of grace, a picture of God’s relentless love. The story of Jacob is so encouraging because he has so many problems!

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Genesis 24-36 #GODofPromise

The Journey of Faith (God’s Covenant with Abraham)

2/1/15. Week 6 of God of Promise. // By faith we go. By faith we stay. By faith we grow. By faith we obey.

God of Promise continues as the life of Abraham gives us an example of God given faith that is in collision with human doubt and fear. But even when we are faithless, God is faithful.

We are grateful that the one who is called Faithful is the one who fills us with faith. And by His grace God gives us the faith to meet every challenge in this life. And more importantly, He gives us the faith to be called righteousness.

Devlyn Kozol preaching.

// Genesis 12-22; Hebrews 11 #GODofPromise

Preparing for Renew gathering on Sunday, February 1st

Happy New Year! See you on Sunday at 10 AM as we gather for worship and the word at the Revival Building (813 7th St). Read this rundown of the key emphases, happenings and overall announcements to read before we gather to sing, pray, share and celebrate.

We begin the morning by praying and singing together, including Advent songs:
+ O Come All Ye Faithful,
+ O Come, O Come Emmanuel,
+ What Child Is This,
+ This is War,
+ O Holy Night,
+ Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

The Advent season invites us to wait for the coming Savior. // Read ahead: Luke 2:1-20

Building Greatness (Tower of Babel)

1/25/15. Week 5 of God of Promise. // Dropped into the middle of this “table of nations” in Genesis 10, and then nestled in the opening verses of Genesis 11, is the remarkable story of the Tower of Babel. It’s a story of human creativity in this first truly “global city,” and of God’s ability to reveal the misdirected ambition underlying that creativity.

The story also makes a turning point in Scripture. Immediately after these vents at Babel, God sets in motion His plan to bless “all the families of the earth” through Abram (later called Abraham), a man from who Jesus Christ would eventually descend and bring this promise to fulfillment.[1. Genesis 12:3; Matthew 1:2-16; Galatians 3:16]

Notice the strategic placement of this narrative, for the city of Babel occupies more than a place of the world map. It’s central to the map of the unfolding history of the world. The extraordinary account of Babel sounds forth its momentous message—so we simply cannot afford to miss it as we seek God’s view of the world, of the city, of our lives.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Genesis 10-11 #GODofPromise

God of Promise: Flooded with Grace

1/18/15. Week 4 of God of Promise. // Everyone knows the story of Noah and the Ark, right?

Kids play with tiny toy arks in their bathtubs, and story books point to the hope-filled rainbow after the Flood. Nearly everyone knows something about the strange man man Noah, the big ship, and the epic forty days and nights of rain. Perhaps you saw the blockbuster movie Noah, which offered a whole different version of events and reasons for the flood.

What did the Flood change? What was the point? And why did God save Noah and his family?

Together we dive down into these themes and more, in the deep end of God’s Grace.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Genesis 3-9 #GODofPromise

God of Promise: A Beautiful Collision

1/11/15. Week 3 of God of Promise. // The beginning of the Bible tells us why God created all things. Far from telling us everything about how God created, this poem tells us what we need to know in order to worship, trust, and obey our Creator.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Genesis 1-3; 2nd Corinthians 4:6 #GODofPromise