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Conquering the Five Capitals in the Promised Land of Success

3/22/15. Week 12 of God of Promise.

Upon returning from Uganda in East Africa, Pastor Jeff Patterson shared stories from the short-term trip with NGM Uganda, and connected truths for discipleship to each story. In a teaching called the “Five Capitals,” he noted our path to success (when God is with us), as progressing from financial capital, to intellectual capital, to physical capital, to relational capital, to spiritual capital.

// Joshua 1 #GODofPromise #NGMUganda

God of Promise: Being Strong & Courageous

3/8/15. Week 11 of God of Promise.

We all want to be courageous, strong, and immovable no matter what life brings us.

But as we see through Joshua’s story — especially in God’s promises to and commitment toward him — courage doesn’t come overnight. Lasting courage begins with a vision of God, and then is cultivated slowly through noticing His presence and grows through our small, daily choices and continual confidence in God’s ability to see us through.

// Joshua 1-24 #GODofPromise #courage