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The Epic Bible Reading Plan(s)

Starting in January 2014, RENEW will be following the journey of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, tracking the Story of God and His people. We’re calling this series EPIC: following the Hero of God’s Story. How much more powerful and life-changing with the movement of God’s Spirit be in the RENEW family when we’re all reading God’s Word in our homes, embracing and embodying the grace and truth of Jesus our King!

Now for the plans …

(W) H O L E : Union with Christ

9/14/14. On a pause between the New & Old Testaments, this Sunday we will consider the simple yet profound truth of living in Union with Christ. The the Israel of old, we tend to neglect and forget the most basic things. Remembering these things promotes humility in self, openness with others, and dependence upon God. Too often we live with a hole in our hearts, where instead God intends for us to be WHOLE.

Union with Christ is all about finding our whole worth, acceptance, and joy in Jesus, the righteous one who gave His all on our behalf.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

//Ephesians 2:1-10 #EPIC

Jonah: When You Don’t Want To Do What God Wants You To Do

9/7/14. Week 27 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // The enigmatic prophet Jonah’s story is God’s example for us when we don’t want to do what God wants us to do. When God tells him what to do, he goes the other way. Yet God’s relentless pursuit of this man is inspiring. Jonah teaches us about ourselves, and about grace. What God does for him, in him, and through him teaches us all about grace and mission. His story is less about what he did for God and more what God does for, in, and through His people, despite them. That’s Grace.

We are Jonah.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Jonah 1-4 #EPIC

Twelve Letters of Strong Love (The Minor Prophets)

8/31/14. Week 26 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, more commonly known in the English Bible as the Minor Prophets, a designation noting their relative length rather than their significance. In the Hebrew Bible these latter prophets are grouped as one and called “The Twelve.”

They are twelve letters revealing God’s strong love.

// Jeff Patterson preaching. #EPIC

Daniel: Loving God Forever

8/24/14. Week 25 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // Daniel was a young man who followed God for a lifetime. He became an old, wise man who others turned to in order to know God’s message. His consistency, faithfulness, and perseverance speak to us even today.

How was he able to love people even in an evil culture, and walk with God until the end?

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Daniel 1-12 #EPIC

Ezekiel: The Human Engine Waits

8/17/14. Week 24 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // Ezekiel the prophet was admittedly a bit odd, even weird. Yet he had an important message from God to His people. He spoke against hypocrisy and for a better future filled with hope.

His message was like a punch to the gut followed by a hug to the face. In part one of Ezekiel we focused on the first 36 chapters (the punch to the gut). In part two we now look at the “Valley of Vision” — here comes the hug! — where Ezekiel sees and speaks to dry bones as they come back to life. Notice how dead they were, without hope or a future. And yet God is able to speak life back into them. There’s hope and grace and new life for all who were desolate, hopeless and lost! Notice how the dry bones do not re-assemble themselves, nor come back to life by their own power. Only God is able. God renews!

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Ezekiel 36-48 #EPIC