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Build the Altar in 2017 (resources for worshiping Christ in His Word)

All year long the Renew Family can join together an build an altar to God in our lives. We’re invited to the adventure of knowing God and all of His covenant promises found in the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we will see the God of Promise, how He has made exceedingly great promises and the phenomenal lengths He has gone to keep those promises. Will you follow along by daily seeking God first? Follow a plan for helpful guidance.

Now for the plans …

Faith Comes & Goes: The Servant’s Vision In & Beyond This Moment (Mark 5:21-43)

2/12/17. Week 14 in the Gospel of Mark. On this ‘typical’ day in the life of Jesus we see an urgent request for His presence, for the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue is sick and nearing death. Then amidst the throng of people surrounding him on this journey to heal the daughter, Jesus is anonymously touched by a woman in need.

Who deserved his kindness and healing more? Or does Jesus unquestionably and intentionally set the scene so that His care and the value of both the woman and the child are clearly on display. And every thing that ails them, whether a flow of blood or death itself, will be set right through Him.

What does this sandwich of scenes teach us about Jesus?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 5:21-43; Hebrews 11; Psalm 42 #GospelofMark

Grace in the Face of Evil (Mark 5:1-20)

2/5/17. Week 13 in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus went with His disciples on a trek across the Sea of Galilee, confronting the real evil that demonized a man. This was was set this man free from his long-time tormentors, and Jesus sent him out as the first Gentile messenger of Jesus’ message, and how God had mercy upon him.

What does this scene teach us about Jesus?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 5:1-20 #GospelofMark

You Can Do This. We Must Do This. (6K for Water)

In this short clip we listen as Dawson explains the motivation behind the Global 6K for Water, and why it’s so necessary for every one of us to get involved. 1/15/17; clip from Week 2 of Build the Altar. Each of us can get involved locally, providing life-changing clean water to children and communities in Africa!

#weareMissionaries #6KforWater #BuildtheAltar

Build the Altar: What Is It We Need Every New Day?

1/29/17. Week 4 of Build the Altar (finale). We finished a sermon series helping us apply grace-driven effort to Build the Altar to God in our lives with this fourth message on gathering the necessary spiritual food for each new day. If you’ve ever struggled with motivation to read the Bible and pray, let the first lessons of God’s people in the wilderness comfort and challenge your heart. (Exodus 12-16)

Why we do what we do is more important than what we do.

Plus, it is worth re-mentioning that the Law that would be given (Exodus 19-20) came AFTER God’s incredible and miraculous work of Redemption. And after His daily provision of all their earthly needs.

#weareFamily #weareMissionaries #weareLearners #BuildtheAltar

Build the Altar: Gospel Friendship

1/22/17. Week 3 of Build the Altar. Relationships are God’s method for changing the world, especially “Gospel Friendships.” But how do we get those, and what distinctives make for true and lasting change in our lives?

“Christianity demands that we have enough compassion to learn the questions of our generation.” —Francis Schaeffer

#weareFamily #weareMissionaries #weareLearners #BuildtheAltar

Renew Kids: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 (Learning Together)

In our desire to equip parents as they “train their children up in the way they should go,” we have created a blog series to communicate the lessons our kids will be learning each Sunday, family verses to memorize together, and resources to help you as the parent to disciple your children.

This Week’s Family Verse (The Light of the World):

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
—John 8:12