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The Epic Bible Reading Plan(s)

Starting in January 2014, RENEW will be following the journey of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, tracking the Story of God and His people. We’re calling this series EPIC: following the Hero of God’s Story. How much more powerful and life-changing with the movement of God’s Spirit be in the RENEW family when we’re all reading God’s Word in our homes, embracing and embodying the grace and truth of Jesus our King!

Now for the plans …

Jesus the Compassionate Healer

10/12/14. Week 31 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story // Jesus is everything. Sovereign God, compassionate High Priest, Author of Faith, maker of the stars, etc. He is everything theologically, but He is also everything personally. When the vanity of this world becomes apparent and we are left with nothing, we are overjoyed to lay hold of this truth.

He meets every need both practically and spiritually.

This passage (Luke 8:40-56) is a wonderful example of how Jesus meets needs on a very personal level. We see in the Gospels that every interaction Jesus has is specifically tailored to the individual. We all need the same salvation, but we are all broken in different ways, and restoration can take many different forms. By His grace, Jesus meets us where we are at and leads us to where we need to be.

Devlyn Kozol preaching.

// Luke 8:40-56 #EPIC

Desert Reign: Jesus Destroys the Works of the Devil

10/5/14. Week 30 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story // he Hero of God’s Epic Story is going public with His identity. But first, the Spirit drives Him to the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. Because Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, He must be tempted and tried along the path to triumph. Notice how the Evil One comes at Jesus with alluring temptations, all seemingly “good things.” Notice also the way in which the Son of Man responds: trusting God, feasting on His Word, relishing in His goodness.

Jesus refused to take any shortcuts to achieve and receive all God wanted for Him.

In His baptism Jesus identified Himself with you, and God identified Himself with Jesus. Here was a new man, a new Israel, a new king—a new start. That’s why the crafty serpent wanted to question His identity, as he questioned ours in the Garden, and yours wherever you are.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Luke 4:1-15; 1st John 2:15-17, 3:7-10 #EPIC

Jesus Christ the God-Man-Son

9/28/14. Week 29 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story // We resume the EPIC Story of God with the one snapshot we have of Jesus growing up as a kid. Jesus is about twelve when He stays behind at the temple to “be about My Father’s business” as He calls it, while His earthly parents ventured home. Fast-forward 18 years later when His Father validates His cause, saying “this is My Son in whom I am well pleased.” What’s the connection between these two significant events, and what makes Jesus such an amazing Son, both on earth and in heaven?

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// Luke 2:41-52; 3:21-23 #EPIC

John the Baptist: He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

9/21/14. Week 28 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story // John the Baptist was a great man because he did the little things in humility, integrity and courage, so much that God could trust him with the big things. John loved God and was willing to set aside status, fame and fortune for serving God with a whole heart. In fact, he staked his whole reputation on confronting hypocrisy and preparing people to return to God. His message of repentance is how God made a way for Jesus to come. Then Jesus said no one greater had ever been born.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

// John 1:19-34 #EPIC

(W) H O L E : Union with Christ

9/14/14. On a pause between the New & Old Testaments, this Sunday we will consider the simple yet profound truth of living in Union with Christ. The the Israel of old, we tend to neglect and forget the most basic things. Remembering these things promotes humility in self, openness with others, and dependence upon God. Too often we live with a hole in our hearts, where instead God intends for us to be WHOLE.

Union with Christ is all about finding our whole worth, acceptance, and joy in Jesus, the righteous one who gave His all on our behalf.

Jeff Patterson preaching.

//Ephesians 2:1-10 #EPIC