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Loving God 1st in 2016 (resources to read the Bible)

All year long the Renew Family will be following the covenant promises of God found in the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we will see the God of Promise, how He has made exceedingly great promises and the phenomenal lengths He has gone to keep those promises. Will you follow along by daily seeking God first? Follow a plan for helpful guidance.

Now for the plans …

Renew Kids: Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 (Learning Together)

This week we will be focusing on chapter 4 in the STORY Catechism: TOGETHER

The fourth chapter of the Story Catechism is about how we are meant to be together with God:

It was God’s desire that Man and Woman would always be with Him and take care of His creation.
God would always love Adam and Eve and take care of them.
Because God was faithful, God would always provide everything they needed.
Eden was home because God was with them.
God was in control and had complete authority.

ReCreate: Echoes of Eden (Life As It Should Be)

6/26/16. Week 9 of ReCreate coincides with second week of our Summer journey with the Story Catechism. Today we hear the Echoes of Eden, when we long for beauty, pleasure, significance, joy, security, glory, and so much more. We were created to know and enjoy God, and we did to the fullest before the Fall. What was life before it all went wrong? How was life as it should be?

// Genesis 1-2; Psalm 29 & 46; Revelation 2:7 #RenewSummer #RenewReCreate #weareintheStory

Renew Summer: Home with the Father, Following His Lead

6/19/16. Week 8 of ReCreate coincides with first week of our Summer journey with the Story Catechism. Today we enter in with an example of what and how we can communicate well in our homes and “on the go,” tracing the biblical Story narrative toward a deeper relationship with God together.

// #RenewSummer #RenewReCreate #weareintheStory

ReCreate: Plenty of Pleasure in God

6/12/16. Week 7 of ReCreate. Our Creator has created for pleasure by His pleasure. We can find plenty of legitimate pleasure in Him and in what He provides, so we don’t have to take shortcuts and go looking for pleasure elsewhere.

// Ecclesiastes 5:18-20; Psalm 16:11; Psalm 115:3; Exodus 20; Psalm 1 #RenewReCreate