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The Epic Bible Reading Plan(s)

Starting in January 2014, RENEW will be following the journey of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, tracking the Story of God and His people. We’re calling this series EPIC: following the Hero of God’s Story. How much more powerful and life-changing with the movement of God’s Spirit be in the RENEW family when we’re all reading God’s Word in our homes, embracing and embodying the grace and truth of Jesus our King!

Now for the plans …

Jeremiah: Embrace & Embody the Message

7/20/14. Week 22 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // The prophet Jeremiah served alone and had enemies on every side. Those who were supposed to collaborate on leading God’s people, the priests and kings, refused to listen to his message from God. They wanted only vague, positive, pithy, self-focused sayings from the false-prophets, rather than what God was saying: repent and find renewal.

Jeremiah was lonely, isolated, dejected. Even depressed. Yet despite the outward opposition and inward depression, he stayed true to the message received, remaining faithful for decades.

Jeremiah’s writings call people forward to turn from their sin (and the creative ways they/we pursue sin: breaking God’s law, breaking His heart, trusting other gods, turning to other lovers, living in stubborn unbelief, and worshiping idols).

Turn from all that and return to God, for He will heal you. Jeremiah points us to Jesus, the Hero, for in Him the Creator has good plans for His people, yet they must trust Him. #EPIC

A Preview of Family Camp

RSVP for Family Camp, August 1st-3rd On Sunday morning, July 6th the Renew Church family will gather at the home of Dan & Linda Hardman in Colton. Later we will enjoy Family Camp there on August 1st-3rd. Here’s where we’ll be!

A Full Heart, A Full Life (Matt Kottman of Disciples Church, UK)

6/29/14. We welcome Matt Kottman and family as they visit the States from their missionary home in England. Matt pastors Disciples Church in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK, and preached about the inside-out work of the Gospel in our hearts. // “A Full Heart, A Full Life” (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

Paul & Pam Hunter of Next Generation Ministries in Uganda

6/22/14. We welcome missionaries who serve in Uganda in East Africa. Paul and Pam Hunter founded Next Generation Ministries in the U.S. and Uganda as “a river of relationships connecting resources and needs.” Their lives touch so many, particularly in Uganda, and on this Sunday we heard stories of life-change, how Jesus is making people whole and new.

Isaiah: A Restless People, Our Relentless God

6/15/14. Week 20 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // Our passionate Father provided redemption from our brokenness, adopting us as sons and daughters. By grace we now we join in His restorative work in the world.

Andy Catts preaching.

// Isaiah 40; 49:15-16; 42:6-7; 43:1-7; 49:6 #EPIC