What does it mean to be “a family of missionary servants?”

We Are

We’re convinced what we do flows from who we are. So, we consider it our ambition to live out our true identity, which Jesus purchased for us. We’re no longer trying to impress God or others, for Jesus impressed His Father for us. Our significance has been achieved for us, as we’ve become minor characters in the big Story. Jesus is the Hero!

The rest of our lives are creatively and wisely invested submitting to Him, walking in His ways, joining Him in the renewal of all things.

The gospel doesn’t give us a new set of obligations & duties—it gives us a new identity. What we do flows from who we are—a gospel-formed people who are being radically transformed. As the good news of Jesus changes us from the inside-out (which is not how we usually think of religion), there a many ways the gospel-formed aspects of our new identity take shape.

Consider these six aspects of our new Gospel Identity (we often call “identities,” though we’re not talking about having multiple personalities):

We are sons and daughters made in the image of God our Father, who accepts us because of the life and death of Jesus His true Son.

We are worshipers of the one true God, coming to Him in response to who Jesus is and all He has done for us.

We are learners and disciples of Jesus who take responsibility for our own growth in the Gospel and the development of others.

We are children of God who live and care for each other as a family.

We are servants of Jesus who love our Master by serving others around us.

We are missionaries sent by God’s Spirit to embody the grace and truth of Jesus as He restores all things.

As we become who Jesus rescued us to be — living as Sons & Daughters, Worshipers, Learners, Family, Servants, Missionaries — we will make every effort to structure our church gatherings, emphases, and even budget toward these goals.

You’ve read about what kind of people we long to be; now read about:

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