Extreme Weather Updates: when & how we shall make weather-related decisions about Sunday gatherings

Updated Sunday, January 8, 2017 @ 5:20 AM:

Our Sunday worship gathering is canceled due to inclement weather; while the snowy roads are passable for some, the likely onset of freezing rain, atop of existing snow, and coupled with a winter storm advisory asking people locally to not travel unnecessarily, means we (the Renew Elders) think it wise to not gather as a whole church family today. 

Our Home is Like a Little Church [more]

While we won’t be gathering at 813 7th Street together this morning, to serve one another and worship the risen Christ, we do get to do this well in our homes on this snow day.

Build the Altar This Snow Day

Previously updated 10:19 AM on Saturday, January 7th, 2017: in the event of extreme weather, this page will be the first communication method updated with the latest on gatherings, needs, and opportunities. Be safe and wise before and when the weather hits!

This weekend’s winter storm looks to be severe, with snow, then freezing rain (heavy rain landing on frozen surfaces), and subsequent power outages. (Here’s one local meteorologist’s narrative of how it could unfold.)

As always, be safe as you leave home, taking the recommended routes for your city.


We each live in different neighborhoods, and some work in other cities. Our daily commutes are different than our Sunday morning drives. #weareFamily

Weather Updates: With #SNOWPDX & #PDXTST upon us, along with weather-related concerns, we recognize communication will be helpful before Sunday morning arrives. We have three simple axioms connected to making decisions on gatherings in the event of extreme weather, and a few ways to communicate with all. These are SAFETY, WISDOM & SHARING. Communicating well helps us not invest needless time thinking solely about ourselves and our plans.

Since a few have asked, I’ll revisit a weather policy drafted on the fly a couple winters ago, reworded for a new season. As we live in a mostly under-prepared locale, let’s be safe, wise, and in the loop…

  1. As we want everyone to be safe, let’s stay in touch! You’re the eyes in your area of south Portland, so please keep me in the loop. If the roads are all clear — meaning main roads are not icy — that’s helpful to know. The snow of a couple days ago is not as big of a deal compared to the ice now forming in some places.
  2. As we want everyone to be wise, let’s make a tough call about 8:00 AM on Sunday morning (or at least by 8:30 AM). That seems to be about when everyone gets going on the Lord’s Day, even as some of you are already at the building by then making preparations. #weareServants
  3. As we want everyone to know, let’s spread the word. The “official” word will go out in two primary ways. We had an all-church communication tool (The City, R.I.P.) which we choose as a group to not really use; so we’ll replicate communication in the most accessible ways for all:
    • GodRenews.us (website & blog) » bookmarked us here?
    • @GodRenews on Twitter & Instagram » if you’re on either, it’s a simple follow
This is key: One way to keep as many in the loop is to direct anyone and everyone to those places when they ask YOU! Facebook’s page tools are freely available to us, and let’s utilize them. (There’s lots on there when it’s not a weather crisis too!) It truly is more difficult to cancel something and spread the word than simply go ahead as planned. One key reason for that is when people are looking for information they often ask me. (I added this part in a message to our leaders: I am asking us to be a better network, rather than rely on my limited skills and bandwidth to be an effective communicator. We don’t have a Communications Staff, so you’re it!) #allofusareinfulltimeministry
Again, until early Sunday morning, keep me in the loop. Until probably 7:00 AM and closer to 8:00 AM we won’t make any official decisions — unless a special circumstance leads us to do that. 
Are you connected to the Facebook page?
In the event we are snowed-in (or cannot de-ice), we’ll now have opportunities to worship Christ well, wherever we are!
AND especially check on our neighbors and meet there needs as we are able.
As a reward for reading this, here’s a snow photo from a recent morning snowrun … #filterfree #optoutside #outsideisfree
"GoPro, capture the beauty."

“GoPro, capture the beauty.”

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