Taking Back Sunday on Mother’s Day, May 11th

On Sunday, May 11th, the Renew Church family will “scatter” rather than gather together. Since it is Mother’s Day as well, we have a built-in cultural opportunity to celebrate the sacrifice and courage of faithful Moms, plus worship God our Father, who always cares for His children well.

Think of it as TAKING BACK SUNDAY.

We had this emphasis a few months back when snow came our way. (We’ll be back together at 10am on Sunday morning, May 18th, plus each Monday night at 7pm for the Renew Family Prayer meeting.)

Taking Back Sunday

Every Sunday we gather together, but not to passively watch a concert or a lecture. By singing, praying, reciting scripture, giving, listening to God’s word and feasting at his table, we participate in a conversation with God and a re-enactment of the greatest story ever told – the Gospel.

Together we explore truth, express faith and experience God, reminding one another that God is holy, we are sinners, Jesus saves us, and Jesus sends us to be witnesses of His grace in our homes, our city and around the world. It’s the story of our transformation from wanderers and orphans to become children (sons & daughters of God) and witnesses (missionaries as join in Jesus’ mission). It’s what empowers us.

Can we do this at home? (Kinda. At least we can do it this Sunday.)

Lead your home like it is “a little church.” Our need for God extends beyond Sunday, and so we make every effort to remind ourselves, and our families, of the Gospel. How can we do this at home? Some good ideas:

  1. Feast! Make it a special day with a special meal. Whether a breakfast where everyone participates (anybody can do the dishes!) or a big lunch at the dining room table, make it a memorable time. Since it is Mother’s Day, how ’bout Mom is not in charge of any of it — from prep to cleanup!
  2. Read the Bible together. Pick a Scripture from your Bible reading plan, or revisit on one of the passages in so far from the EPIC series. Other ideas are to read aloud from the Jesus Storybook Bible (or similar children’s Bible), sing worship songs, reminding our hearts and minds whose we are.
  3. Reflect on what God is teaching you. (E.g., the Renew Women are studying 1st Thessalonians, and the Renew Men are learning from The Gospel Primer. Teach your family what you’re learning about Who God is, what He has done, who we are, and how to live.)
  4. Ask questions! (What is God teaching you? What are you praying about? What brokenness do you see around you?) Take those to God in prayer together. 
  5. Rest. Resist the urge to get-things-done. Sleep in a bit, and make a plan to pursue church activities (eat, read, reflect, talk, pray). How do you recharge? Do some of that.
  6. Recreate. Get outside. Go for a walk, ride bikes, take photos, do some gardening, celebrate natural beauty.
  7. Relate. Sunday is a great time to catch up as a family over a hot meal and sit face to face, discussing life. The temptation is to throw in a video and zone out. How much better would it be to bake some treats for the neighbors and go say hi, or grab the phone and call a relative or friend you’ve missed talking to.
  8. What else? It’s rare to get a “free day” and yet have a fluid plan for it. Even the best plans can go sideways. That’s partly because some of us are rigid planners while others are more spontaneous. Know how you’re wired, and seek renewal on Sunday along those lines.

Think of how you can best celebrate the Mothers in your life while worshiping God our Father. 

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