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God is Not finished With Y’all

8/6/17. We welcomed a new friend visiting from Uganda, along with Paul Hunter sharing. Pastor Robert Sityo of Jinja was visiting the States in part to be at the Next Generation Ministries annual BBQ gathering, for stories, sharing, and fundraising for NGM. We’re grateful for his partnership with Paul and Pam Hunter for much more than the last decade plus.

// Paul Hunter sharing then Robert Sityo preaching on Acts 9 #NGMUganda

Always Swimming Upstream (Psalm 71)

7/30/17. Week 8 in Summer Psalms. Always Swimming Upstream (Psalm 71).

“Ten words have set the course for my life: God permits what he hates to accomplish what he loves.”
—Joni Eareckson Tada

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 71 #SummerPsalms

Where there is Darkness, He is the Light (Psalm 67)

7/23/17. Week 7 in Summer Psalms. Where there is Darkness, He is the Light (Psalm 67).

During Renew Family Camp we paused on Sunday morning to read, sing, pray, and rejoice in the Gospel of Christ.

Psalm 67 reminds us that God is the Light of the world, even in the darkness that surrounds.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 67 #SummerPsalms

Wide, Wider, Widest Joy (Psalm 65)

7/16/17. Week 6 in Summer Psalms. Wide, Wider, Widest Joy (Psalm 65)

In talking with our kids we discovered a simple truth: if our enjoyment of something can only have right now and in our preferred way, we will not only miss out on life, we will also injure others.

This is a symptom of self-centeredness, and the Father is actively training the opposite direction: that we as His kids of Grace, can learn contentment in every circumstance, cultivating wide, wider … even the widest … joy.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 65; Romans 8:1-6 #SummerPsalms

Wait-Wait, Do Tell Everyone (Psalms 40-41)

7/9/17. Week 5 in Summer Psalms. Wait-Wait, Do Tell Everyone (Psalms 40-41).
Learning to wait upon God is the chief discipline of faith. It is learning to live by faith, which has benefits in this life and reward in the life to come.

David’s value of worshiping God, and waiting upon the Father’s face, grace, and timing, became an earnest conviction and shaped how he faced life, and faced God.

// Renew Elders update then Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalms 40-41 #SummerPsalms

Truth & Light for the Downcast Soul (Psalms 42-43)

7/2/17. Week 4 in Summer Psalms. Truth & Light for the Downcast Soul (Psalms 42-43).

When we are downcast we always respond poorly, which is why we need to grasp why we’re downcast, how to speak truth and light to our souls, and what it means to put one’s hope in God when life looks dim and bleak.

The writer of this pair of Psalms helps us understand the yearnings and opportunities of what takes place when our souls are downcast.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalms 42-43 #SummerPsalms

Facing God & Future-proofing Life (Psalm 27)

6/25/17. Week 3 in Summer Psalms. Facing God & Future-proofing Life (Psalm 27).

There are a few strategies people employ to deal with life: fight, be cynical, give up. David offers us a better way, living before the face of God. Did you know that what you seek in every interaction and situation is really found best, only, and eternally in the face of God?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 27:1-14; 30:1-5; Romans 5:12-19 #SummerPsalms

Strengthened to Face Anything & Everything (Psalm 18)

6/18/17. Week 2 in Summer Psalms. Strengthened to Face Anything & Everything (Psalm 18).

Psalm 18 begins with a prayer that reveals the secret to David’s strength:
“I love You, O Lord, my strength.”
It’s one thing to knuckle down in adversity, and endure. That’s commendable. It’s another and deeper reality to to rise above a hardship with a superior love, a passion in God, with God, and for God, that allows a person to face anything, and everything.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 18; Romans 5:1-11; 2 Peter 1:3-8 #SummerPsalms