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What does clean water do?

Last Friday I shared with three fifth grade classes about the global water crisis. And what clean water does.

In our brief time together I shared the story of two five-year-olds girls in Kenya and how clean water has the power to free a child to flourish in life, in whole communities. While I spoke broadly of this the direst of all global crises, the reality of 1,000 children dying today due to diarrhea from lack of clean water and sanitation can only hit us if we consider children are real people, and we enter their story.

You Can Do This. We Must Do This. (6K for Water)

In this short clip we listen as Dawson explains the motivation behind the Global 6K for Water, and why it’s so necessary for every one of us to get involved. 1/15/17; clip from Week 2 of Build the Altar. Each of us can get involved locally, providing life-changing clean water to children and communities in Africa!

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Build the Altar as Stewards of our Bodies

1/15/17. Week 2 of Build the Altar. We are entrusted with our bodies by God, who created us and knows us best. He designed our bodies to be healthy and thrive, even in a fallen world.

In this special message, we hear from Dawson and Anna Hunter about their journey as grace-driven stewards of their bodies. They share the Gospel reasons for eating healthy and beginning to exercise as a way to steward their bodies.

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Holy Week & World Water Day

Amidst the news cycle of a bombing in Brussels, a genuine tragedy, it’s easy to forget that today is World Water Day. While we can turn on any tap and fill a cup to sip while reading the day’s news, each and every day the thirst for water is real for 663 million people. That’s a daily tragedy, and it can be avoided! So today, and every March 22nd is a reminder for us to remember communities of faithful, resourceful people who rely on our support for the most basic of needs: CLEAN WATER!

Global 6K for Water

About every minute a child under age five dies as a result of diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. Let’s change that. Join the Renew family & others in the neighborhood (& around the globe) as we run, walk or shuffle 6K for Water. Saturday, March 19th.

Running for Water (Team World Vision race recap)

In this audio update on Sunday, Pastor Jeff gives a recap of his Team World Vision fundraising race, noting some of the challenges, and the special experiences with like-minded runners, all of which traveled to Oregon at their own expense to run an epic relay race together. We are team members of a global group wanting to see the water crisis solved in this lifetime.

Praying for the people of Nepal & helping in their time of need.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the south-central Asian country of Nepal on Saturday (March 25, 2015), causing more than 3,700 deaths and widespread devastation. It is the worst earthquake the country has seen in 80 years, devastating the capital of Kathmandu along with surrounding areas including the ancient city of Bhaktapur.
A Global Response

There are a number of ways we can respond and support the relief effort. Our global partner World Vision already has a presence in Nepal and is coordinating strategic and significant relief efforts there with many other national and global organizations.