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Battle Cry: A History with God (2nd Chronicles 29-31)

5/21/17. King Hezekiah of Judah developed a history with God by taking all his challenges and opportunities and laying them out before God the Creator. In those moments He learned to depend full upon the real King to win all his battles for him and as he was responsible to lead the nation.

How can we learn from this good king and join in the joy of developing a personal history with God? Consider who looks to you for leadership, how can you turn from trusting in yourself and abilities and cry out to God in the battle?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on 2nd Chronicles 29-31 #BattleCry

Jacob: Wrestling with God (Genesis 26-33)

2/2/14. Jacob was a con-artist who thought only of himself. He learned this from his parents, and yet within him was an uncanny ability to shirk any and all responsibility. So God picked a fight with Jacob, to rescue him from himself. In the process God wrestled from Jacob his family wounds and his need to control and manipulate his brother Esau. Jacob was changed, he became Israel. All the promises given to his grandfather Abraham and father Isaac became his as well. Through him the whole world would be blessed. | Genesis 32:22-32 #Epic