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Behold: Keep Looking at the Center (Mark 9:1-13)

5/28/17. Week 26 in the Gospel of Mark. Upon the mountain top three of Jesus’ disciples had an experience that was out-of-this-world. They beheld the glory of God, as Jesus transfigured before their very eyes — becoming brighter than the sun. Struggling to make sense of the moment, Peter took a risk and suggested they build three special tents for three significant prophets there: Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.

What God said in that moment changed everything.

The Christian life is much more than behaving a certain way, and even more than believing specific doctrines. In Christ we get to behold the glory of God, and in seeing Him, be changed. This is God’s Beloved Son, let us listen to Him!

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 9:1-13 #GospelofMark

Battle Cry: A History with God (2nd Chronicles 29-31)

5/21/17. King Hezekiah of Judah developed a history with God by taking all his challenges and opportunities and laying them out before God the Creator. In those moments He learned to depend full upon the real King to win all his battles for him and as he was responsible to lead the nation.

How can we learn from this good king and join in the joy of developing a personal history with God? Consider who looks to you for leadership, how can you turn from trusting in yourself and abilities and cry out to God in the battle?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on 2nd Chronicles 29-31 #BattleCry

Keeping the Cross in Front of Our Minds (Mark 8:27-38)

5/14/17. Week 25 in the Gospel of Mark. he call to follow Jesus is better and more challenging than we ever imagined.

In this scene, the “hinge” point in the Gospel of Mark, we see Jesus flip the script and start asking the questions. Notice how He draws out genuine faith in His disciples.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 8:27-38 #GospelofMark #GospeloftheCross

Count Your Blessings, Give Thanks, Share Them Generously (Mark 8:1-10 & Global Sponsorship Sunday)

5/7/17. Week 24 in the Gospel of Mark on Global Sponsorship Sunday.
Note: the audio recording was compromised, so we pick it up mid-talk as Anna Hunter shares about what sponsorship means when we walk alongside the Ddembe family, followed by Kurt Rahn, Director of Church Activation with World Vision, and then a brief Gospel mediation by pastor Jeff Patterson on Mark 8:1-10: Count Your Blessings, Give Thanks, Share Them Generously.

Our team Renew for Water raised more than $25K, and with a matching donation from Renewal by Anderson NW, a total of $38K+, together provided lasting clean water for at least 773 children in communities in Africa and India!

// Jeff Patterson preaching briefly on Mark 8:1-10 #GospelofMark

Getting Crumbs & Speaking Freely (Mark 7:24-37)

4/30/17. Week 23 in the Gospel of Mark. How can a person approach God? Do we come to Him like one would a blood-thirsty tyrant, fearful yet seeking to appease Him? Or do we take the more modern approach and casually talk freely to the Creator, on our terms, and whenever we feel like it? What’s the appropriate method from God’s perspective; and how does this scene with Jesus teach us about both God’s goodness and His severity?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 7:24-37 #GospelofMark

Living Inside Out: How to Be Clean Before God (Mark 7:1-23)

4/23/17. Week 21 in the Gospel of Mark. The obsessive-compulsive “cleanliness” behaviors of the Pharisees point to a deeper problem, and opportunity. Notice how their question becomes a controversial confrontation with Jesus.

Jesus never picked a fight unnecessarily. Jesus never debated something that wasn’t important, a universal or a profound principle. That’s what we have here. What’s the deal with clean hands?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 7:1-23 #GospelofMark

The Reason We’re Here (Mark 16:1-11)

4/16/17. Week 20 in the Gospel of Mark. On Resurrection Sunday (Easter) we recognize how the resurrection is the best available story of hope, redemption, and restoration. It changes everything. Jesus’ restorative power means that even the most faithless of us all can have a new start, a new identity, a new purpose in life, following Him.

The reason we’re here today and can worship God freely is because Jesus has risen from the death. This is our hope; He is our hope.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 16:1-11 #GospelofMark

Immersed in the Gospel » part two (Mark 6:45-56)

4/2/17. Week 20 in the Gospel of Mark. (Continuing part one.) It’s typical for some one to say Christianity is essentially a way of behaving. It’s a way of loving people. Of course it’s that, but it’s so much more.

Christianity is a way of being, and therefore, Christianity is a way of seeing.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 6:45-56 #GospelofMark