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The Arrival of Advent

Renew Family,

The Advent season is here! In light of this, let us consider how we shall celebrate as a church. Let this season be a time focused on the anticipation and hope that we all can have in Christ, first in remembering His birth, and then looking forward to His return.

What is Advent and why do we celebrate it as the Renew family?

Set Free & Sent Free (Galatians 1:1-10)

10/1/17. Week 1 in Galatians. Set Free & Sent Free (Galatians 1:1-10). There is a righteousness offered to us in Christ through the Gospel. “God imputes it to us apart from our works—in other words, it is passive righteousness, as the others are active. For we do nothing for it, and we give nothing for it. We only receive it.”(Martin Luther)

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Galatians 1:1-10 #RenewGalatians

How God the Master Builds (Psalm 127)

9/24/17. Week 15 in Summer Psalms. We kickoff the Fall with an all-church whole family gathering, focusing on the themes and truths of Psalm 127. Every generation together in one worship gathering.

After singing and praying together, Kari Patterson read aloud the good book What is the Church? 

Then Trevor Hanna taught us about building our lives upon the the solid foundation of God’s Word in the Gospel (Matthew 7:24-29)

// an all-church whole family gathering around Psalm 127 #SummerPsalms

Pondering the Great God Who Works (Psalms 111-112)

9/17/17. Week 14 in Summer Psalms. Pondering the Great God Who Works (Psalms 111 & 112).
Everyone you know wants you to become the quality of person described in Psalm 112. Yet there is only one way to get there: through pondering and worshiping the God described in Psalm 111.

Great are the works of the Lord and visited frequently by all who delight in them.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalms 111 & 112 #SummerPsalms

Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99)

9/3/17. Week 12 in Summer Psalms. Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99).

After hearing from Paul Hunter with prayer requests for their return to Uganda with NGM, we delved into Psalm 99 and the three-fold offices of Christ: He is the Great Prophet, the True King, the Good Shepherd. 

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 99 #SummerPsalms

The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73)

8/20/17. Week 10 in Summer Psalms. The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73).

We took a moment as a whole congregation to consider the historical moment in the world, and in our nation, to pause and interpret these things through the lens of Scripture. We let the Word of God as a whole, and Psalm 73 specifically, interpret current events for us.

(Quotes shared also appear on blog page.)

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 73 (part one) #SummerPsalms

Remembering the Gospel 
with Our Hearts (Psalm 78)

8/13/17. Week 9 in Summer Psalms. Remembering the Gospel with Our Hearts (Psalm 78).

The Good News satisfies much more than our guilty consciences, and touches much more than our minds. God is into whole-life transformation.

Let us receive God’s invitation to remember well, to remember fully.

(Quotes shared also appear on blog page.)

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 78 #SummerPsalms

God is Not finished With Y’all

8/6/17. We welcomed a new friend visiting from Uganda, along with Paul Hunter sharing. Pastor Robert Sityo of Jinja was visiting the States in part to be at the Next Generation Ministries annual BBQ gathering, for stories, sharing, and fundraising for NGM. We’re grateful for his partnership with Paul and Pam Hunter for much more than the last decade plus.

// Paul Hunter sharing then Robert Sityo preaching on Acts 9 #NGMUganda