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Remembering the Gospel 
with Our Hearts (Psalm 78)

8/13/17. Week 9 in Summer Psalms. Remembering the Gospel with Our Hearts (Psalm 78).

The Good News satisfies much more than our guilty consciences, and touches much more than our minds. God is into whole-life transformation.

Let us receive God’s invitation to remember well, to remember fully.

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// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 78 #SummerPsalms

“People like to follow a leader who doesn’t have it all together.”

This Summer our friend Lee Edward came to see Jeff & Kari Patterson, set a microphone on the table, and interviewed them for a “Leadership Portrait” episode on his podcast. Reproduced her with his and their permission, a quick intro added for context. See the podcast page at http://www.godrenews.us/leadership-portrait-jeff-kari/ for quotes and show notes.
#leadership #weareservants

Ezra & Nehemiah: Entering Into Brokenness

6/1/14. Week 18 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // We continue the EPIC Story of God with a couple ancient heroes who had no scandal or major failures. Actually, they were all about rebuilding lives, entering into the brokenness of others, caused by others, and identifying with the people of God in order for all to be healed.

Nehemiah led exiles back from captivity on a noble project: the physical rebuilding of the wall to secure Jerusalem as a great city once again.

Ezra led the spiritual rebuilding, focusing on putting the Word of God (Scripture) back at the center of the thoughts and feelings of the people.

Notice how they were willing to absorb the costs and pain of helping others return to God and clean up their messes (and those of their “fathers”). They teach us how to process our emotions with God, leading to wholeness where there once was brokenness.

// Nehemiah 1 #EPIC