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Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99)

9/3/17. Week 12 in Summer Psalms. Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99).

After hearing from Paul Hunter with prayer requests for their return to Uganda with NGM, we delved into Psalm 99 and the three-fold offices of Christ: He is the Great Prophet, the True King, the Good Shepherd. 

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 99 #SummerPsalms

Extreme Weather Updates: when & how we shall make weather-related decisions about Sunday gatherings

Weather Updates: With #SNOWPDX upon us, and weather-related concerns, we recognize communication will be helpful before Sunday morning arrives. We have three simple axioms connected to making decisions on gatherings in the event of extreme weather, and a few ways to communicate with all. These are SAFETY, WISDOM & SHARING. Communicating well helps us not invest needless time thinking solely about ourselves and our plans.

Looking outside and noticing a bit of snow! Have you been able to enjoy it as much as endure it? #RenewReCreate

As much fun as it can be, often the weather leads us to be fun, fearful or foolish.

Since a few have asked, I’ll revisit a weather policy drafted on the fly a couple winters ago, reworded for a new season. As we live in a mostly under-prepared locale, let’s be SAFE, WISE, and SHARE …