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The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73)

8/20/17. Week 10 in Summer Psalms. The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73).

We took a moment as a whole congregation to consider the historical moment in the world, and in our nation, to pause and interpret these things through the lens of Scripture. We let the Word of God as a whole, and Psalm 73 specifically, interpret current events for us.

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// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 73 (part one) #SummerPsalms

Remembering the Gospel 
with Our Hearts (Psalm 78)

8/13/17. Week 9 in Summer Psalms. Remembering the Gospel with Our Hearts (Psalm 78).

The Good News satisfies much more than our guilty consciences, and touches much more than our minds. God is into whole-life transformation.

Let us receive God’s invitation to remember well, to remember fully.

(Quotes shared also appear on blog page.)

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 78 #SummerPsalms

A Full Heart, A Full Life (Matt Kottman of Disciples Church, UK)

6/29/14. We welcome Matt Kottman and family as they visit the States from their missionary home in England. Matt pastors Disciples Church in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK, and preached about the inside-out work of the Gospel in our hearts. // “A Full Heart, A Full Life” (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

Esther: Hidden Providence

6/8/14. Week 19 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // We continue the EPIC Story of God with the story of a Jewish girl who somehow became queen of Persia. Through (hidden) Providence she was put in that place, at that time, for the saving of many lives.

Esther nearly got lost in a culture bent on worshiping false ideas of manhood (the king was a chauvinist pig and narcissist). The people gave little attention to right-and-wrong, living by a different principle: shame-and-honor. Esther and Mordecai bring us an intriguing story of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility.

God always uses people who forget themselves in order to find the courage to put their lives on the line for others.

// Esther 2 #EPIC

Ezra & Nehemiah: Entering Into Brokenness

6/1/14. Week 18 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // We continue the EPIC Story of God with a couple ancient heroes who had no scandal or major failures. Actually, they were all about rebuilding lives, entering into the brokenness of others, caused by others, and identifying with the people of God in order for all to be healed.

Nehemiah led exiles back from captivity on a noble project: the physical rebuilding of the wall to secure Jerusalem as a great city once again.

Ezra led the spiritual rebuilding, focusing on putting the Word of God (Scripture) back at the center of the thoughts and feelings of the people.

Notice how they were willing to absorb the costs and pain of helping others return to God and clean up their messes (and those of their “fathers”). They teach us how to process our emotions with God, leading to wholeness where there once was brokenness.

// Nehemiah 1 #EPIC

Elijah & Elisha: Living In Dependence

5/25/14. Week 17 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // We continue the EPIC Story of God with two solid leaders who stood fast when the so-called leaders of the nation set aside God’s purposes to pursue their own agendas.

The great prophet Elijah and assistant Elisha confronted and confounded the pride, greed, and foolishness in the government. God was with them, adding miracles to their messages.

Their secret?

When those in charge elevated their preferences over the true needs of the people, these two lived in dependence upon the one true God.

// 1st Kings 16:29-34; 18-19; 2nd Kings 5 #EPIC

Solomon: Prone to Wander

5/18/14. Week 16 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // We continue the Epic Story of God with the wise man Solomon, the special son of great King David. Solomon asked God for wisdom, for he knew what he didn’t know. Even after gaining all that wisdom, we’re still trying to figure out the correlation between what Solomon said and how he rolled. Solomon was prone to wander, and only the steadfast love of God could undo the foolishness at work in his heart.

God keeps His Plan moving forward, even working in people, and through people, despite them. We call that Grace.

// 1st Kings 3:3-15; 11:1-4 #EPIC

(audio recording cut short)

David repents: Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (Psalm 51)

5/4/14. Week 15 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // As we continue through the EPIC Story of God, we encounter these characters who teach us about Grace. Last week we looked at David, the shepherd boy who would become king, and all the twists and turns and trials to prepare his character for that great role and place in history. Jesus is the rightful “Son of David,” the descendent who came to do God’s will and sit on the throne to rule the nation and world.

But there’s more to David’s story, and that’s what we consider in this message. David was a great man, who loved God, yet he suffered from “affluenza.”

God knows the worst about David, and wants the best for him. God refused to walk away from His son. That is steadfast love.

“It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart, but the welcome I receive and a new start.” —Mumford & Sons | 2nd Samuel 11; Psalm 51 #EPIC

David: A Long Obedience in God’s Direction

4/27/14. Week 14 of EPIC: Following the Hero of God’s Story. // Why do God’s promises sometimes delay?

God chose David to be the new King of Israel before he defeated the giant Goliath, and before he served under the first King Saul. In fact, more than a decade passed between the moment young David was anointed to be king and the day he sat on the throne.

Why the delay? It becomes painfully obvious that God wasn’t done with Saul quite yet, for the bad king was useful in showing David how not to rule, how not to act, how not to be casually disobedient to God. Yet there was no practical fulfillment of God’s promise David would become king.

David learned to be humble, grateful, courage, generous and wise through seeing up close the pride, greed, and foolishness of Saul. He was the recipient of the king’s outbursts of anger and jealousy. That’s how God made a man fit to be king; that’s how David learned a long obedience in God’s direction. | 1st Samuel 18:1-16; Psalms 57 & 145; Romans 5:1-5 #EPIC