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God is Not finished With Y’all

8/6/17. We welcomed a new friend visiting from Uganda, along with Paul Hunter sharing. Pastor Robert Sityo of Jinja was visiting the States in part to be at the Next Generation Ministries annual BBQ gathering, for stories, sharing, and fundraising for NGM. We’re grateful for his partnership with Paul and Pam Hunter for much more than the last decade plus.

// Paul Hunter sharing then Robert Sityo preaching on Acts 9 #NGMUganda

Receiving the Word in its Full Power (Mark 4:1-20)

11/6/16. Week 10 in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus spoke in parables as a filter for His true followers to grasp the truths of the Kingdom of God. In this parable King Jesus teaches the hidden power at work in His followers who plant our hopes in the good soil of the Gospel.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 4:1-20 #GospelofMark