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Totality: An Awe-Full Church Experience (Psalm 73)

8/27/17. Week 11 in Summer Psalms. Totality: An Awe-Full Church Experience (Psalm 73).

Continuing from part one on Psalm 73, we considered how much of our nation stood in awe of the heavens this week, during the middle of the morning, the “end” of those who see God’s work in the world but do not honor Him as Creator, and why we Christians often neglect our responsibility to grow in grace. 

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// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 73 (part two) #SummerPsalms

The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73)

8/20/17. Week 10 in Summer Psalms. The End of Self-Supremacy (Psalm 73).

We took a moment as a whole congregation to consider the historical moment in the world, and in our nation, to pause and interpret these things through the lens of Scripture. We let the Word of God as a whole, and Psalm 73 specifically, interpret current events for us.

(Quotes shared also appear on blog page.)

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 73 (part one) #SummerPsalms

Too Familiar To Follow? (Mark 6:1-6) & Sending the Unimpressive Ones (Mark 6:7-13)

2/19/17. Week 15 in the Gospel of Mark. After investing time to hear from and send the Uganda 2017 mission team, we dove into the sixth chapter in the Gospel of Mark. This timely reminder comes in two paragraphs in Scripture: about familiarity (vs. celebrity), and being sent out with very little (instead of all the things that make us feel significant). The two parts of Mark 6:1-13 is meant for us to discover how we often misunderstand the person of Jesus and how He wants us to follow Him.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 6:1-13; John 1:10-14; 3:19-21 #GospelofMark

Faith Comes & Goes: The Servant’s Vision In & Beyond This Moment (Mark 5:21-43)

2/12/17. Week 14 in the Gospel of Mark. On this ‘typical’ day in the life of Jesus we see an urgent request for His presence, for the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue is sick and nearing death. Then amidst the throng of people surrounding him on this journey to heal the daughter, Jesus is anonymously touched by a woman in need.

Who deserved his kindness and healing more? Or does Jesus unquestionably and intentionally set the scene so that His care and the value of both the woman and the child are clearly on display. And every thing that ails them, whether a flow of blood or death itself, will be set right through Him.

What does this sandwich of scenes teach us about Jesus?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 5:21-43; Hebrews 11; Psalm 42 #GospelofMark

Build the Altar: Gospel Friendship

1/22/17. Week 3 of Build the Altar. Relationships are God’s method for changing the world, especially “Gospel Friendships.” But how do we get those, and what distinctives make for true and lasting change in our lives?

“Christianity demands that we have enough compassion to learn the questions of our generation.” —Francis Schaeffer

#weareFamily #weareMissionaries #weareLearners #BuildtheAltar

The Father’s Love Magnified by the Mother of Jesus (Advent)

12/18/16. Fourth Sunday of Advent. There’s something about Mary. She was the first Christian, and her process of belief — from hearing and submitting to the Gospel message, to later visiting her cousin Elizabeth and in community finding the joy of her heart to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God.

God the Father’s love is magnified in the life and beautiful response of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We finished the morning with the Renew Kids Christmas program.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Luke 1:26-56 #RenewAdvent

Have we nothing then to do? No, nothing …

11/27/16. A story shared on the First Sunday of Advent. John Wesley was converted as somebody was reading to him Martin Luther’s commentary on the Galatians. There’s a sentence where Luther says,

“Have we nothing then to do? No, nothing … but be found in him who of God has made unto us our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, our redemption,”

When John Wesley heard those words, it dawned on him, and he was converted. (Note: this wasn’t his beginning of “Christian” things.)

// Jeff Patterson sharing during Benediction #RenewAdvent