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You Can Do This. We Must Do This. (6K for Water)

In this short clip we listen as Dawson explains the motivation behind the Global 6K for Water, and why it’s so necessary for every one of us to get involved. 1/15/17; clip from Week 2 of Build the Altar. Each of us can get involved locally, providing life-changing clean water to children and communities in Africa!

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Build the Altar as Stewards of our Bodies

1/15/17. Week 2 of Build the Altar. We are entrusted with our bodies by God, who created us and knows us best. He designed our bodies to be healthy and thrive, even in a fallen world.

In this special message, we hear from Dawson and Anna Hunter about their journey as grace-driven stewards of their bodies. They share the Gospel reasons for eating healthy and beginning to exercise as a way to steward their bodies.

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Build the Altar this Snow Day

Our Sunday worship gathering is canceled due to inclement weather; while the snowy roads are passable for some, the likely onset of freezing rain, atop of existing snow, and coupled with a winter storm advisory asking people locally to not travel unnecessarily, means we are wise to not gather as a whole church family today.

While we won’t be gathering at 813 7th Street together this morning, to serve one another and worship the risen Christ, we do get to do well in our homes this snow day.

Build the Altar This Snow Day

Build the Altar: Grace-Driven Effort for the New Year

There’s one resolution you need this year:
1/1/17. Beginning the New Year with “Build the Altar,” starting with Grace-Driven Effort.

I will build an altar to God each day.

My voice shall You hear in the morning, O LORD;
in the morning will I direct my prayer to You, and will look up.
—Psalm 5:3

Begin each day looking up to God, worshiping Him and responding to His ever-present love! Though you may fail (repeatedly), His love never fails and His faithfulness never runs out.

Whether we turn aside to the left (in apathetic self-pleasing) or to the right (in stressed-out self-effort), Jesus is willing to come rescue us, put us back on the good path, and lead us onward with grace-driven effort!

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Romans 5:1-5 to start the New Year. #weareWorshipers #weareLearners #renewalasawayoflife #BuildtheAltar

Build the Altar in 2017 (resources for worshiping Christ in His Word)

All year long the Renew Family can join together an build an altar to God in our lives. We’re invited to the adventure of knowing God and all of His covenant promises found in the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we will see the God of Promise, how He has made exceedingly great promises and the phenomenal lengths He has gone to keep those promises. Will you follow along by daily seeking God first? Follow a plan for helpful guidance.

Now for the plans …