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Holy Week Focus on Good Friday: “It is Finished!”

At noon on Friday, after suffering through an excruciating night of betrayal, arrest, beating, flogging, and suffering, Jesus gave up His Spirit on the cross and mouthed His final words:

“It is finished.”

I’ve wondered before, Why did Jesus say “It is finished” when it wasn’t yet? The real work was finished when He rose from the grave.

So why did He say it now?

Good Friday: The Cup, Garden, Trials, Cross

4/3/15. Good Friday.
Renew Church hosted a collective gathering with Connection Church, Hilltop Community and Missio Dei Community as we celebrated and remembered the suffering Servant, Jesus the crucified Son of God, who died in our place, the innocent in place of the guilty, to bring us to God. #GoodFriday #GODofPromise

Good Friday: The Cross (Luke 23:26-56; Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

4/18/14. Good Friday meditation on The Cross where Jesus the Son of God suffered in our place. On that night four local congregations (Missio Dei, Hilltop Community, Calvary Chapel & Renew) gathered as one to remember and contemplate on the Suffering Servant.

(Recording has poor audio quality and only the fourth meditation on The Cross is included here, the others in order were lead by three other local pastors: The Cup, The Garden, and The Trials, leading up to the Cross.)