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The Spiritual One-Two Punch

Faith is key.

But it’s only half the story. Faith is half of the spiritual one-two punch that deals a death blow to the devil. Faith is important, but it wasn’t until last week, re-reading about Abraham, that I noticed the other half, the part that’s often over-looked and hardly ever touted for its importance.

Wait-Wait, Do Tell Everyone (Psalms 40-41)

7/9/17. Week 5 in Summer Psalms. Wait-Wait, Do Tell Everyone (Psalms 40-41).
Learning to wait upon God is the chief discipline of faith. It is learning to live by faith, which has benefits in this life and reward in the life to come.

David’s value of worshiping God, and waiting upon the Father’s face, grace, and timing, became an earnest conviction and shaped how he faced life, and faced God.

// Renew Elders update then Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalms 40-41 #SummerPsalms

God of Promise: Jesus our Healer

5/10/15. Week 19 of God of Promise.

In wrapping up the God of Promise series, we wanted to take a more personal and holistic approach, asking “so what?” If God has made exceedingly great promises to us (and He has!), and in Jesus all of God’s great promises are fulfilled (Yes & Amen!), then what does it mean when we read: “He took our illnesses and bore our diseases”?

Kari Patterson sharing our journey of re-learning to trust Jesus our Healer.

// Matthew 8 #GODofPromise #JesusOurHealer

Abraham: Costly Faith (Genesis 12-25)

1/26/14. As humanity was trying desperately to make a name for themselves (Tower of Babel), God’s Plan was unfolding through the call of an unlikely character. Abraham was called from his pagan homeland to follow the one true God, a venture of faith full of uncertainty. It cost him everything yet he gained everything as a reward, as God’s friend. | Genesis 12:1-9; Hebrews 11:8-9 #Epic