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The Resurrection of Jesus: Futility, Truth & Living Hope (1st Corinthians 15 & John 20)

3/27/16. Week 25 of Beautiful Messy Church. We gathered on Resurrection Sunday to consider the weight and worth of King Jesus, who rose again from the dead! Unless He has risen, we are mired in futility, and through the truth born in history, we have a living hope in Him. We finished our time together with Elisha Catts sharing a story or renewal and words about the joy of surrendering to God.

// 1st Corinthians 15; John 20:1-10 #BeautifulMessyChurch #HeisRisen

Holy Week Focus on Good Friday: “It is Finished!”

At noon on Friday, after suffering through an excruciating night of betrayal, arrest, beating, flogging, and suffering, Jesus gave up His Spirit on the cross and mouthed His final words:

“It is finished.”

I’ve wondered before, Why did Jesus say “It is finished” when it wasn’t yet? The real work was finished when He rose from the grave.

So why did He say it now?

Here Comes the Generous King (Gifted to See & Hear the Giver – part 3)

3/20/16. Week 24 of Beautiful Messy Church. On Palm Sunday we celebrate King Jesus as He set His face to Jerusalem, the Generous King who has come to save the world.

In relation to His gift-giving and overall generosity, we wrap up this study on spiritual gifts in 1st Corinthians at the same time.

In order to serve one another well, God’s Spirit empowers His people with spiritual gifts — abilities energized by the Holy Spirit, to be used for the good of the church, and Jesus’ fame in the world.

We finish this study of the “sign” gifts, those that are seen as more spectacular and supernatural. While it is our conviction that all spiritual gifts are significant workings of God’s Spirit in and through His people, we recognize there is a unique way that these manifestations of the Spirit work in the church.

Do we believe they are for today? Why are they often misused and abused? How shall we use them? (Continued from parts one and two.) How does the Generous King intend that we use His gifts to represent Him well?

// 1st Corinthians 14; Luke 19:35-44 #BeautifulMessyChurch

Holy Week Focus: On the Sacred Celebration

FOCUS on the sacred celebration, not the Easter items to buy. Reflection for today: What material items are most important to you during this season? Is there anything perhaps you could go without this year, for the same of simplifying and keeping the focus on the sacred celebration? Not saying every purchase is forbidden, but consider which purchases are really necessary to help your family, and those around you, FOCUS on Christ.

He is Risen, He is Risen, Indeed! (Easter Sunday)

4/5/15. Week 14 of God of Promise.
Jesus rose from the dead.

So what? Why does it matter?

Resurrection Sunday, known in our culture as Easter, is a day to celebrate the risen Christ, for He is risen, He is risen, indeed!

The historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus is a world-changing event, and for this reason it was the key feature the apostles preached everywhere. They proclaimed or preached this truth, as heralds would in announcing news in the center of town. This historical fact that Jesus is risen, and death could not hold Him, is the central truth of the Gospel. It is in fact more important than even the principles of living and wise philosophy that also come to us in Christianity. Those principles arise from this truth: Jesus has conquered death and defeated sin and Satan for us. How can we not then live for Him?

// Matthew 28; 1st Corinthians 15 #GODofPromise #KingJesus #HeisRisen

Good Friday: The Cup, Garden, Trials, Cross

4/3/15. Good Friday.
Renew Church hosted a collective gathering with Connection Church, Hilltop Community and Missio Dei Community as we celebrated and remembered the suffering Servant, Jesus the crucified Son of God, who died in our place, the innocent in place of the guilty, to bring us to God. #GoodFriday #GODofPromise

King of Promise (Palm Sunday)

3/29/15. Week 13 of God of Promise.

Here comes the King! All of the promises of God are Yes and Amen in Jesus. He is the Son of David, the rightful heir of the throne of Heaven and Earth. On Palm Sunday we contemplate the meaning of His arrival, the purpose of His coming, and the wonder of what it means to be rescued by Him. What a King!

In order to truly understand King Jesus, the Good Shepherd, we need to understand David, the Shepherd-who-became-King. And God’s promises to him.

// 2nd Samuel 7; Luke 19 #GODofPromise #KingJesus

Easter Sunday: The Surprising Road to New Life (Luke 24:13-35)

4/20/14 Easter Sunday. When Jesus rose from the dead He sought out His disciples. They were confused and despondent, not knowing what Jesus had to do all those great things and then suffer and die. And then over dinner Jesus revealed His true self to them. How could Jesus be right in front of them? How did He defeat death? It’s a surprising road to new life.

We pause the EPIC Story of God to consider The HERO of the Story, Jesus the Son of God who came to suffer, die in our place, and rise from the dead in victory.

His surprising road to new life can become yours too. | Luke 24:13-35 #Epic

Good Friday (April 18th @ 7pm)

You are invited to remember and reflect on the work of the Suffering Servant, Jesus the Son of God. Four local congregations will come together at 7pm on the eve of GOOD FRIDAY for a solemn celebration through singing, Scripture readings, and four brief meditations on The Cup, The Garden, The Trials, and at The […]