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Renew Kids: Sunday, December 10th, 2017 (Learning Together)

In our desire to equip parents as they “train their children up in the way they should go,” we have created a blog series to communicate the lessons our kids will be learning each Sunday, family verses to memorize together, and resources to help you as the parent to disciple your children.

The word “disciple” means to intentionally impact the life of someone in the direction of being more like Jesus.

Disciples follow Jesus and help others follow Him too.

Every week faithful servants enter into the disciple-making process with Renew Kids.

There are now FOUR classes every Sunday:

Nursery (birth-2yrs),
Preschool (ages 3-4yrs),
Primary (ages 5-7yrs), and
Challenge (ages 8-10yrs)
All of us begin the gathering together to sing, listen, and pray as a whole church family.

The Arrival of Advent

Renew Family,

The Advent season is here! In light of this, let us consider how we shall celebrate as a church. Let this season be a time focused on the anticipation and hope that we all can have in Christ, first in remembering His birth, and then looking forward to His return.

What is Advent and why do we celebrate it as the Renew family?

Immanuel: God With Us (Christmas)

12/25/16. Fifth Sunday of Advent, aka Christmas Day. On Sunday, Christmas Day the Renew family gathered to celebrate the moment and occasion of Christ’s Birth.

Our focus on this day was to consider the gift of courage given to Joseph, through the angel reminding him, “Do not be afraid,” and the resulting life of generosity, wisdom, and courage the husband of Mary embodied from that moment.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Matthew 1:18-24 #RenewAdvent

Let There Be Light (Christmas Eve)

12/24/16. Fifth Saturday of Advent, aka Christmas Eve, as the Renew family gathered under dim lights to celebrate the moment and occasion of Christ’s Birth. We returned again on Sunday, Christmas Day, as well, with a related yet distinct emphases in our worship.

Songs: Noel; Silent Night; O Holy Night; O Come, O Come Emmanuel; God With Us

// Kari Patterson speaking on “LIGHT” from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 on Christmas Eve #RenewAdvent

Christmas Eve & Day

The Renew Church family shall meet on Saturday, Christmas Eve at 7pm and again on Sunday, Christmas Day at 11am. Both family gatherings are planned for an hour together, and each will have a distinct focus. “Light” on Christmas Eve, and “God with Us” on Christmas morning. (We also gather every other Sunday morning at 10 AM. Be our guest!)

Why gather on Sunday, Christmas Day?

Why not just take the day off?

The Father’s Love Magnified by the Mother of Jesus (Advent)

12/18/16. Fourth Sunday of Advent. There’s something about Mary. She was the first Christian, and her process of belief — from hearing and submitting to the Gospel message, to later visiting her cousin Elizabeth and in community finding the joy of her heart to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God.

God the Father’s love is magnified in the life and beautiful response of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We finished the morning with the Renew Kids Christmas program.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Luke 1:26-56 #RenewAdvent

The Once and Future King (Advent)

12/4/16. Second Sunday of Advent. The famous passage in Micah 5 foretells the coming of the Messiah, a Savior who will right all the wrongs and set history at rights. What does it mean that this ruler, this King, is one “whose coming forth is from of old, from ancient days”? What does it say about this King? About the needs of the world? About us?

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Micah 5:1-6 #RenewAdvent

Have we nothing then to do? No, nothing …

11/27/16. A story shared on the First Sunday of Advent. John Wesley was converted as somebody was reading to him Martin Luther’s commentary on the Galatians. There’s a sentence where Luther says,

“Have we nothing then to do? No, nothing … but be found in him who of God has made unto us our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, our redemption,”

When John Wesley heard those words, it dawned on him, and he was converted. (Note: this wasn’t his beginning of “Christian” things.)

// Jeff Patterson sharing during Benediction #RenewAdvent