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God doesn’t establish local church communities out of thin air (although He certainly could!), He uses people. He uses us — ordinary people who are caught up in His Story, men and women who join together for the good of a city, saints who are willing to lay aside their comforts and preferences for the furtherance of the gospel. We are looking for such people who care about God’s eternal rescue mission, who want to partner with us to make this vision a reality.

Will you consider joining with RENEW in one or more of the following ways?


This is no mere platitude. If God does not plant His church, RENEW will not become a reality. Please join us in praying for the following:

  • That God would draw together the team to plant RENEW
  • That we will have increased opportunities to serve the Oregon City area and neighboring communities, to embody His Grace, Renewal, Hope & Love.
  • That God would provide the essentials we need to plant RENEW (money, people, space, finances, resources, etc). Get creative in how you pray.
  • That God would give us more and more opportunities to testify to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in the south Portland area.
  • That we would see men and women reconciled to God through Jesus, and transformed into His image.



A church is a community, and it takes people to become a community. Currently we have two dozen adults, and almost two dozen kids (!), and are praying for a core team of pioneers of 30 – 50 individuals that sense God’s call to join RENEW and make this vision a reality. If you or anyone you know are interested in what RENEW is seeking to become, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact us.


Church planting takes money, and no one on our team is particularly wealthy. We believe God has all the means possible to plant His church, and He most often uses people to meet those needs. As you may have read, we are seeking to operate lean and mean, but we still need your help.

At this point we need $2,000 per month from Fall 2012 through December 2014. These “outside” givers will help support salary, insurance, development, administration, ministry materials, staffing, and rental expenses of Renew Church as well as toward local and global mission projects. As you may already know, RENEW’s lead church planters, Jeff and Kari Patterson, are committed to living as simply as possible and desire to see all contributions have as far-reaching impact as possible.

Will you consider partnering with us in one of the following ways?

  • One-time donation
  • Monthly Support (12-24 month commitment)

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Please consider joining us to support the mission of RENEW and God’s eternal rescue mission here on this earth. Everyone plays a part, Will you please ask Him what your part may be? We are excited about what God is doing, and we’d love to have you join us on the journey.