Renew Kids: Sunday, May 28th, 2017 (Learning Together)

In our desire to equip parents as they “train their children up in the way they should go,” we have created a blog series to communicate the lessons our kids will be learning each Sunday, family verses to memorize together, and resources to help you as the parent to disciple your children.

Renew Kids

The word “disciple” means to intentionally impact the life of someone in the direction of being more like Jesus.

Disciples follow Jesus and help others follow Him too.

Every week faithful servants enter into this discipleship process with the children in Renew Kids. Their are three classes every Sunday: Nursery (ages birth-3), Primary (ages 3-6), and Challenge (ages 6-9).

This Week’s Family Verse (His Love Endures)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords. His love endures forever.
—Psalm 136:1-3


Seeds of Praise (Vol. 3) by Seeds Family Worship

Family Verses & Scripture Songs

All this year we’re connecting Scripture meditation (memory verses) to singing. Music is a great way to help us memorize and to have fun doing it. Our family verses will be from the Seeds Family Worship. We are currently on Seeds of Praise song #10 (His Love Endures). 

Primary Class 

Our curriculum for the Primary class comes from The Gospel Project for Kids and will immerse our kids in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Ultimately, the gospel message changes everything; heart transformation can only take place when our children experience the gospel. Through The Gospel Project for Kids, our kids will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.

Unit Focus: God Among Us

After Jesus’ victory over temptation in the wilderness, Jesus began His earthly ministry. As Jesus traveled throughout Judea, His personal encounters with ordinary people changed their lives in an extraordinary way. Jesus revealed that He was God the Son in human form, living among God’s people and bringing salvation in Him alone.

Unit Key Passage:

Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

—John 14:6

Session Focus: Jesus Rejected in Nazareth

Bible Passage:  Luke 4:14-30

Main Point:  Jesus explained that the Scriptures tell about Him.

Big Picture Question: Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the Messiah.

Christ Connection:  Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah wrote about God’s plan to send a Messiah. He would bring good news and redeem people who were broken and hurting. Jesus read Isaiah’s words and told everyone who was listening that He is the promised Messiah.

Challenge Class

The challenge kids continue their new study of the Psalms. The four books of Psalms are filled with poems and prayers offered to God by the nation of Israel. The Psalms are very diverse, some of them explode with praise to God, while others reveal the troubled heart of a mourner. Many are hymns, others are laments, calls to praise, and often a mix of all types. (Note: there are more praise poems than lament poems, and we see how even the songs themselves anticipate the coming Messiah Jesus.) The Psalms help us process our emotions with God. The Psalms are unified in the reality that they are centered upon the one and only Living God.

Starting now and over the Summer we are challenging the kids to read the first 41 Psalms and participate in some related activities.

  • This week in the Psalms they are studying chapters 2-3 (aka Psalms 2-3)
  • They are challenged to pray a Psalm during the week as part of their prayer time.

Helpful Resources from The Bible Project

An intro video on the Psalms:

Overview poster (click to view largest):

Scripture Memory Verse (His Love Endures)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords. His love endures forever.
—Psalm 136:1-3


In the Challenge Class we really encourage the kids to ask questions and think about how the scripture is alive for them today. We would really like encourage the parents to continue to model this at home with open ended questions about the scripture we are studying. The goal of the Challenge Class is for the kids to be able to read and study the bible themselves with the help of their parents and teachers as they grow in Christ.


  • Where do we see the Gospel in this Scripture?
  • How does this Scripture apply to your life?
  • What does this Scripture tell you about God?
  • What did you learn this week?

 Mission in Uganda

Working with Paul Hunter from Next Gen Ministries, he has found the Challenge Class a new mission in Uganda.

David is a young boy that is 12 years old who lives in Uganda and had his leg amputated as an infant. The Challenge Class is working on helping David buy a prosthetic leg in a couple of years when he is ready.  How will they do this? Every week the kids in the Challenge Class have the opportunity to earn marbles to fill up a jar and every marble they earn will be worth $2 a piece to go towards David’s new leg. How do they earn marbles?

The kids in Challenge Class can earn marbles in these ways:

  1. Memorize the scripture verse for their Challenge Class
  2. Study the Bible at home
  3. Draw a picture of something they learned in the bible
  4. Learn a new story from the Bible
  5. Draw or Write in their prayer/thankfulness journal
  6. Pray a Psalm during the week

 Hannah Hoover and the World Race

We heard from our own Hannah Hoover about her joining the World Race beginning in October. (She’s in Argentina now!) The Challenge Class is excited to follow her during this journey and are committing to praying for her regularly. Here is the link to her blog: Hannah Hoover

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