Renew Kids: The Song of Israel’s Kings

As a church family we memorize Scripture, in order to let God’s truth penetrate our hearts.

For the next five weeks Renew Kids and the whole church family will meditate on the story of Israel’s (bad) kings. Since they were all bad, we’ll connect their poor leadership to the redemptive hope we find in Jesus the good King.

Song of Israel's Kings

This song Kari wrote follows the lessons in the Gospel Project unit on Israel, the Northern Kingdom (1st Kings 16—2nd Kings 17)

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The Song of Israel’s Kings

Most of Israel’s kings were very bad,
Most of Israel’s kings made God sad.

So Elijah the prophet rose up to say,
“Hold on! There is a better way!
How long will you go on in sin?
If the LORD is God, then follow Him!”

Evil Jezebel wanted him dead,
But God protected him and gave him bread.
Then came Elisha, bold as can be,
he told Naaman how to wash away his leprosy.

Did these miracles change the bad kings?
Sadly, no, they still do their own thing.
They all continued to live in sin.
So God let their enemies come and win.

But many years later Jesus came,
And took away all of our sin and shame.
Even though sometimes we do bad,
Jesus always forgives us and makes us glad!

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