Preparing for Renew gathering on Sunday, August 9th

We had an incredible time last weekend playing at Family Camp. Play is an active form of rest, a time to slow down, re-orient priorities, and relationally connect.

Playing at Family Camp

See you on Sunday at 10 AM as we gather for worship and the word at the Revival Building (813 7th St). Here’s the key emphases, happenings and overall announcements to read before we gather to sing, pray, share and celebrate. (Also shared on The City Plaza.)

We begin the morning by praying and singing together, all generations with one voice.


Church is a beautiful mess, because people are beautiful AND messy. Made in God’s image, we often do not image Him often nor well. Yet the Father’s relentless beauty and love shines through our broken messes to reveal the love and purpose Jesus has for us.

With this motivation in mind, the Apostle Paul labored long and hard to communicate with the followers of Jesus in the thriving metropolis of Corinth. Just as he and a team of people had planted that church (and network of churches) in that city, the spirit of the city had gotten into the church.

While rich in gifts, they were poor in character.

Divisions and factions and pride and foolishness abounded. Into this mess the Gospel comes to correct and restore, to remind God’s people who they are, whose they are, and what it means to embrace and embody the Gospel in all of its fullness. In order to reach their full potential they must all submit to King Jesus, and order their lives around His values. The goal is to become steadfast, immovable and always abound in the work of the Lord. To that end they had to repent and return. Thankfully, their learnings become ours as we lean in and listen in on their conversation today.

This new study of Paul’s First letter to the Corinthians is “The Beautiful Messy Church.”

On Sunday, we begin all together to sing and pray. Elementary kids are welcome to remain in the large group gathering, or may join the the Pre-K class at “half-time” when they head to their classes. Together Renew Kids are learning about the life and times of Jesus the Christ with the Gospel Project for Kids.

Birth to two years upstairs, and preschool age (3-5yrs) downstairs, with the option of 1st & 2nd graders (age 6-7yrs) joining them. Thank you to all who serve faithfully in leading children to know Christ through meaningful relationships.

A new featured called Learning Together is posted weekly on the Renew blog. In our desire to equip parents as they “train their children up in the way they should go,” we have created this new blog series to communicate the lessons our kids will be learning each Sunday, family discussion questions, resources for discipling children, and opportunities to engage in serving and loving the world with your kids.

New Family Verse:

But far be from me to boast
except in the cross
of the Lord Jesus Christ,
by which the world
has been crucified to me,
and I to the world.”
Galatians 6:14

(artwork by Jonathan as part of The Verses Project — click image for source)

Any and all questions about these announcements can be sent to

1. Monday night Prayer » As people who believe Jesus heals us, and we need be renewed in community, join us to pray for one another, those we know, and the world. Dinner at six, an hour of prayer for seven to eight. 

2. Women’s Summer Bible study continues on Wednesday nights (7:00-8:30 PM). » Email to learn more about it. 

3. Men’s Huddle on Thursday, August 13th (6-7 AM @ Coffee Rush, 9th & Main in Oregon City). We pray together and then briefly study the First Corinthians passage in advance of each #BeautifulMessyChurch message the following Sunday. All men invited!

4. The 2nd annual Renew Church Family Camp was a resounding success! Most of us were “unplugged” and simply being present in the moment all last weekend, yet a few had special permission to capture photos and video. » As you share those photos, please send the best ones or a link to to your photos to (e.g., such as Dropbox or Google photo sharing, even a private Facebook album, etc.)

5. This year we each of us are invited on an adventure to look up and love God first. What will be your plan to develop a new rhythm of seeking God? » Find some help here.

Reminder: The City iPhone app is available in the App Store. and the Android app in the Google Play Store. Also, if you desire to make a final financial contribution to Renew Church, you are invited to give online now using our secure online givine module with The City.


Let’s continue to invite people into our lives, beyond Sundays, just as we invite them to worship with us. Sharing a meal together this coming week — at a restaurant or at home — is a good way to sit down and talk about life. Invite people over, embody hospitality.

RENEW Church


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