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Galatians: Hello Freedom, Purpose & Joy for All People!

When people trust in Jesus, what is true of Him becomes true of them!

This Fall during the October and November months we will delve into Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians, as a whole church family. As God is eternal and eternally present, He is oh so eternally relevant. Today and every day. The themes and plot of Galatians relates to our times and situation here today. We struggle with racial tensions, and the churches in Galatia in the first century did as well. We devolve into competition rather than completion, just as the people in that day swayed from the pure Gospel of union with Christ and oneness in Him. We struggle with works-righteousness (“God has to accept me as I am a good person”), just as legalism (law and law-lite) crept into the churches then and there. We struggle with being inconsistent with our witness, just as the Apostle Peter became a hypocrite and needed a theological punch and a relational hug from fellow Apostle Paul, returning to justification by faith alone in Christ alone, motivated by grace.

My hope is for us each and all to discover the freedom, purpose, and joy in Christ available for all people. He came and died for us, and rose again so we can live and reign with Him forever. Let us engage the Scriptures, ponder all their freeing goodness, and allow God’s Spirit to change us. We begin this journey October 1st!

How God the Master Builds (Psalm 127)

9/24/17. Week 15 in Summer Psalms. We kickoff the Fall with an all-church whole family gathering, focusing on the themes and truths of Psalm 127. Every generation together in one worship gathering.

After singing and praying together, Kari Patterson read aloud the good book What is the Church? 

Then Trevor Hanna taught us about building our lives upon the the solid foundation of God’s Word in the Gospel (Matthew 7:24-29)

// an all-church whole family gathering around Psalm 127 #SummerPsalms

Pondering the Great God Who Works (Psalms 111-112)

9/17/17. Week 14 in Summer Psalms. Pondering the Great God Who Works (Psalms 111 & 112).
Everyone you know wants you to become the quality of person described in Psalm 112. Yet there is only one way to get there: through pondering and worshiping the God described in Psalm 111.

Great are the works of the Lord and visited frequently by all who delight in them.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalms 111 & 112 #SummerPsalms

Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99)

9/3/17. Week 12 in Summer Psalms. Jesus the Great Prophet, High Priest & True King (Psalm 99).

After hearing from Paul Hunter with prayer requests for their return to Uganda with NGM, we delved into Psalm 99 and the three-fold offices of Christ: He is the Great Prophet, the True King, the Good Shepherd. 

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Psalm 99 #SummerPsalms