The Making of a Missionary: Hannah prepares for the World Race

We began the morning by sharing together all the ways the Father has changed us on this journey as a Beautiful Messy Church (click here to listen).

Then we heard from Hannah Hoover as she prepares to embark on the World Race. After she shared we surrounded her with prayer and encouragement for the global journey that awaits her as a servant of Jesus.

praying for Hannah as she prepares to travel the globe as a servant of Jesus

praying for Hannah as she prepares to travel the globe as a servant of Jesus

It began with this video on the World Race:

Then Hannah shared and answered questions about why she’s embarking on this journey, what it will take, and how we can support her in conquering fears of all types. We’re committed to walking with her on this journey of becoming a missionary.

Listen or download:

Hannah on World Race

A special moment to hear from Hannah Hoover about embarking on a global “more than a missions trip,” serving in 11 countries in 11 months. As she prepares to serve Jesus all over the world, we join her in the preparation and determination to take risks that honor our Father. Hannah, Jesus has what it takes for you to do this.

You’ll be encouraged to read her blog with some of her reflections about and since that Sunday morning:

First of all, Jesus was my hero that morning. He completely took away any and all nervousness about going up in front of everyone and sharing my story. I’ve never shied away from public speaking, having been one of *those* drama kids in high school, but just because public speaking isn’t my biggest fear doesn’t mean I don’t typically get the same shakiness or accelerated heart rates as everyone else does when they have to give a presentation. On Sunday morning though, there was none of that; I felt absolutely no adrenaline, just this beautifully overwhelming peace, and happiness. I was so excited to get up there!

My pastor, Jeff Patterson, grabbed a couple of stools for us to sit on, and we just sat and talked and he gave me ample time to share what was on my heart, and then asked me some really good questions about fears and expectations, and opened up the room for interaction and questions from the congregation, which was really fun! I had 18 support letters printed off *just in case* someone might want one, and all but one remaining letter were handed out. Hands just shot up as soon as I asked if anyone wanted a support letter- this was such a blessing! I can’t even explain how good that felt! I just felt so loved on Sunday morning, so loved and surrounded and supported by such a beautiful body of believers.

After my time to share was over, Jeff invited everyone up to surround me in prayer and they laid hands on me and prayed over me in such a powerful, unforgettable manner, I completely lost all control of myself and spent a good 15 minutes just bawling and snotting and sniffling because sometimes, it’s okay to be a massively emotional wreck at church. Especially when your church family is praying over your life and over a missions trip that a year ago, you never would have dreamed possible for your life. God is GOOD. “He’s JEALOUS for me…. If grace is an ocean, we’re all SINKING.” (John Mark McMillan, emphasis added by yours truly.)

I am so proud and excited to share with you guys that ever since Sunday morning, all my doubts and fears have been eradicated, and there has been nothing but pure, sincere joy and excitement for my Race- and this I know can only be a gift from God, and a genuine answer to all of those prayers that went up on Sunday morning.


To support Hannah and learn more about her trip, visit

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