Recapping the Renew Men’s Intense Jesus Weekend

This Fall the Renew men have two retreat options, weekends away together. The first one was dubbed an “Intense Jesus Weekend,” focused on growing deep as a man, with unique challenges, gaining insights in how to lead yourself and others in the ways of Jesus.

There’s still room for the next one, the “regular” men’s weekend: October 28-30, also local. While it may be less “intense,” it will be no less awesome.

Listen in as a couple of our men share about the unique experience a dozen godly men had together this past weekend.

Listen or download:

Other audio from this Sunday:

While training ourselves to be godly (1 Timothy 4:7-8), we undertook bodily exercise early each morning, and then focused on spiritual exercise in the midst of relationships the rest of the weekend. The camaraderie of brotherhood pushed us all forward! (For more on the physical training aspect, read here.)


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