Christmas Eve & Day

The Renew Church family shall meet on Saturday, Christmas Eve at 7pm and again on Sunday, Christmas Day at 11am. Both family gatherings are planned for an hour together, and each will have a distinct focus. “Light” on Christmas Eve, and “God with Us” on Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve @ 7pm & Day @ 11am

Why gather on Sunday, Christmas Day?

Why not just take the day off?

Above all, we must prize the blessing of corporate worship. The church of the Lord, gathered for worship, marks the pinnacle of our fellowship with the Lord and with one another. The church is the people of God, the new humanity, the beginning of the new creation, a colony of heaven… In corporate worship we experience the meaning of union with Christ.” (Edmund Clowney)

There’s a sweetness in putting the Lord Jesus Christ first in our lives, wrapping the whole Christmas celebration around His significance and worth. He is God’s gift to us; let us respond in worship … together!

(We also gather every other Sunday morning at 10 AM. Be our guest!)

813 7th St, Oregon City