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“People like to follow a leader who doesn’t have it all together.”

This Summer our friend Lee Edward came to see Jeff & Kari Patterson, set a microphone on the table, and interviewed them for a “Leadership Portrait” episode on his podcast. Reproduced her with his and their permission, a quick intro added for context. See the podcast page at for quotes and show notes.
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Story of Renewal: Bryce K. of Renewal Painting

5/15/16. We pause to listen in as Bryce K. shares about how Jesus is renewing him, confirming his calling as a disciple and a new business owner, and the beginnings of Renewal Painting — for all things can be made new. As mentioned, if you need a local painting contractor, consider Bryce and contact him for a free quote.
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Returning to Jesus, our Healer.

This weekend the elders of our Renew church family, along with their wives, went away for a weekend of prayer and seeking the Lord, through the Scriptures, regarding His will for healing. As many of you know, this past year has been a journey for me of allowing God’s Word to be the only and final authority on the subject of divine healing, and specifically His will for us regarding various forms of suffering.

Stories of Renewal: Linda Hardman

9/8/13. Our sister Linda Hardman shares her personal story of being rescued and renewed as a daughter of God. She reflects on hardship in life and says, “God is never closer to His children than when they are suffering.”

Through Jesus’ relentless love and constant pursuit of her, Linda became a whole new woman, walking in the freedom and acceptance only found in Jesus.

Stories of Renewal: Jeremiah Smith

Our good brother Jeremiah Smith shares part of his personal testimony (his story of change or “Gospel Story”) and how Jesus saved him. After years of trying please God yet feeling like he was never good enough, Jeremiah turned away from God completely. Through Jesus’ relentless love and constant pursuit of him, Jeremiah learned to receive and respond to God’s Love and Grace.