Satisfied: Dissatisfied with the Present, Satisfied with His Presence (1st Corinthians 10:1-22)

On our search for satisfaction we often settle for shortcuts, in the form of idols which over-promise and under-deliver on satisfying the longing of our souls for significance, comfort, approval, success and control. The Gospel offers us Jesus who gave up all His comforts, set aside the approval of His Father, over-turned the world’s definition of success, and for our sake gave up control of His life so we could return to God.

“Whatever controls us is our lord. The person who seeks power is controlled by power. The person who seeks acceptance is controlled acceptance
[by the people he or she wants to please]. We do not control ourselves. We are controlled by the lord of our lives.”
—Becky Pippert, Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World



Message title: Satisfied: Dissatisfied with the Present, Satisfied with His Presence
Seventeenth week of the Beautiful Messy Church
Scriptures: 1st Corinthians 10:1-22
Preacher: Jeff Patterson
Date: 1/31/16

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Idols we run to as shortcuts to get the satisfaction that only God can truly give us:

COMFORT (privacy, lack of stress, freedom)
Price We Will Pay: Reduced productivity
Greatest Nightmare: Stress, demands
Others Often Feel: Hurt
Problem Emotion: Boredom

APPROVAL (affirmation, love, relationship, acceptance)
Price We Will Pay: Less independence
Greatest Nightmare: Rejection
Others Often Feel: Smothered
Problem Emotion: Cowardice

CONTROL (self-discipline, certainty, standards)
Price We Will Pay: Loneliness; spontaneity
Greatest Nightmare: Uncertainty
Others Often Feel: Condemned
Problem Emotion: Worry

SUCCESS (power, winning, influence)
Price We Will Pay: Burdened; responsibility
Greatest Nightmare: Humiliation
Others Often Feel: Used
Problem Emotion: Anger

*adapted from The Gospel Primer by Caesar Kalinowski, and Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

Scripture readings: 1 Corinthians 10:1-22

Beautiful Messy Church
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